March 2024

When Is the Best Time to Add a New Fence?

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Adding a new fence may be done at any time of the year. However, there is a certain time that comprises some factors that make it optimal.

Typically, home improvements are carried out during summertime because you don’t have to deal with problems arising from colder weather. Having said this, many people coordinate installations during springtime or summertime. However, these times may not be the best time to add a new fence. 

To determine the most favorable time, let us lay out the advantages of each weather installation.

Advantages of Cold-Weather Installation

Adding a new fence during the fall or winter may be the best choice when it comes to dealing with obstacles. Physical problems concerning the installation process tend to be lesser because gardening and landscaping are fairly quiescent during these months. It is likely that you would also face fewer delays in the scheduling since during this time, fencing companies are off-season, hence you may likewise be offered better rates.

Rain may not be that much of a problem either. In Texas, the rainiest months are often April, May, and June. This is advantageous because installing a new fence in the rain causes holes dug out for posts to fill up and delay the curing of concrete. 

A fall or winter installation provides wooden fences sufficient time to fully adapt to the harsh sunlight of summer. Moreover, UV and water resistance treatments often require the wood to be totally dry, so fall would be a great time to add a new fence.

Advantages of Warm-Weather Installation

Many people prefer to install a new fence during summer when they are not mostly staying indoors. That being the case, spring or summer fence installation can be convenient for those particular reasons.

Adding a new fence during the early spring also steers clear of freezing temperatures that could get in the way of the installation process. For instance, you don’t have to worry about how to install a fence on frozen ground, which may be a problem during freezing temperatures. 

While both cold and warm weather installations have their own advantages, it often comes down to your individual preferences. For you to better decide on the best time to add a new fence, let us determine the cheaper option.

Cheapest Time to Add a New Fence

The best time to install a fence is during the off-season (fall, winter, or early spring). Late spring or summer tend to be peak seasons which may be a difficult time to schedule the fence installation from the company of your choice. 

FAQs on the Best Time to Add a New Fence

Can I add a new fence in the winter?

Yes, as long as the ground hasn’t frozen up.

How cold is “too cold” to add a new fence?

Typically, if the temperature is constantly below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the installation may be challenging because the ground may have frozen up.

Can I add a new fence in the rain?

Yes, as long as there isn’t a constant downpour. Adding a new fence may be best in the fall or winter, however, it may be done at any time of the year.

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