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railing installation

Appealing Fences NC wants to be your railing installation contractor! For the past 10 years, we have provided our customers throughout the Clayton, NC area with exceptional quality, affordability and customer service as railing installers. We install handrails, deck railing, backyard railing, porch railing and modern railing for residential and commercial properties.

In addition to railing installation, our complimentary services include:

Why Choose Railing Installation by Appealing Fences NC?

Railings are important to your property’s safety and functionality. They provide stability for people walking on your walkways, climbing stairs, traversing inclines or socializing on your deck. Installing railing provides definition to areas of your property and can border special-use areas. For your new railings, you can choose from a variety of quality materials used by Appealing Fences NC’s railing contractors. As a top railing company in Clayton, we offer wood, vinyl, aluminum and cable wire for your custom railing design and construction.

Appealing Fences NC serves our local area and surrounding communities, including:

Our Railing Installation Process

railing installation

Each new railing installation client of Appealing Fences NC is provided with an on-site consultation and free estimate. During this visit to your property, we develop an understanding of your specific needs and the goals you have for your installing railing project. Once we schedule your railing installation, you can rely on us to arrive on time and start work as planned. Throughout our work as your railing company, we maintain open communication and provide daily progress updates. Once the work is done, your railing installer inspects the results with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Appealing Fences NC provides railing installation for commercial and residential properties. We understand that homeowners and commercial entities have very different needs in regard to their railing performance. We get to know your unique needs and ensure compliance with every project specification. We also provide railing maintenance and repair as needed.              

Your Custom Railing Installer

Every aspect of your railing installation by Appealing Fences NC is custom. We are eager to learn about your specific needs and other goals for your project, so we can meet and even exceed those objectives. When you make us your wood railing, aluminum railing, vinyl railing or cable wire railing company, we do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction! 

Many Railing Styles to Choose From

Wood railing installation is a popular choice for homeowners because this natural material suits any outdoor environment and a wide range of architectural styles. Wood railings work well for many commercial properties, too. Of course, aluminum and vinyl railings offer low maintenance and beautiful curb appeal. Cable wire railing offers modern style and the safety of other materials with a cleaner, more discreet profile.  Whichever material you choose, the options do not stop there. Our skilled railing contractor will explore these options with you and help you make the best selections for your property.

Appealing Fences NC builds the most popular types of residential and commercial railings. These railing styles include:

  • Wood railing
  • Aluminum railing
  • Vinyl railing
  • Cable wire railing

Call Appealing Fences NC today for a free estimate for your railing installation.

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