March 2024

Top Backyard Fence Designs in Raleigh, NC

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There are many advantages to building a backyard fence. It offers additional security and privacy in your house since it helps keep trespassers off your property and prevents your neighbors from taking a peek. It also stops little children and pets from wandering outside your property and ensuring their safety. 

Lastly, fences can add a hint of your aesthetic to your home. There are many factors to consider when choosing a fence typeThere are many factors to consider when choosing a fence type such as purpose, cost, aesthetic design, maintenance, and a lot more, which brings us to the question, among the backyard fence designs, what is the most suitable for you? 

Let us look at Raleigh, NC’s most popular backyard fence designs:


A vinyl fence is an excellent choice for those who want a sturdy, versatile, and low-maintenance fence while giving off the classic beauty appeal of a wooden picket fence. Vinyl fencing is strong and resistant to rot, peeling, and moisture absorption. 

Installation cost is higher, however, it requires less maintenance in the future. It is also not environmentally friendly since it is made out of a plastic-based material (polyvinyl chloride or PVC).


An aluminum fence is a best and most affordable alternative to achieve the feel and look of a traditional wrought iron fence. It offers both style and function. Aluminum doesn’t rust and it doesn’t need to be repainted as well, so it will maintain its appearance for a long time. It often shows sleek lines that complement outdoor areas. 

Aluminum is considered a lightweight metal, which means that it is not that tough compared to steel or iron. It is weak against high-impact damage and can only take so much until it bends. 


Wooden fences give off a classic appearance, which makes them a popular option for many homeowners. It gives the area a natural and rustic vibe. Wood fencing is done in a variety of designs such as stockade, board on board, and shadowbox. It uses sturdy lumber such as cedar or pine wood that adds a natural accent to the outdoors 

A lot of maintenance is needed in wood fencing. Wood preservatives should be applied to prevent wood rot and decay. It also needs to be washed and stained often to maintain the natural look of the wood.

Chain Link 

A chain link fence sections the perimeter of the property and allows monitoring of the outside while containing the inside. It is made out of woven steel wire that is applied with vinyl or zinc. This type of fence is easy and quick to install. 

This type of fence doesn’t provide privacy and can see through both sides. There is also a very limited design option so it is not advisable for those who want to get creative with their fencing. 


Selecting the right fence might be challenging due to the multiple options available, however, you may consult an expert or do your own research on various backyard fence designs that will perfectly fit your house. You must also make sure that a trusted contractor will be the one installing your backyard fence to guarantee that it is done with the highest quality.

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