Vinyl Fence Installation

Are you searching for a high-quality vinyl fence installation company in NC? At Appealing Fences NC, our highly-trained fence installers have been servicing Raleigh North Carolina since 2008. We have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to install a wide variety of vinyl fencing for residential and commercial applications. Vinyl fencing adds privacy, aesthetics, and property value to your home or place of business.

Benefits of PVC Fencing

Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fencing products are engineered with the best materials and installed by our skilled craftsmen. A PVC fence is a great option for enhanced security and privacy as well as providing low-maintenance with years of durability. There are several benefits of having a vinyl fence installed on your property including the following:

  • Color Sustainability: Your PVC fence will never have to be repainted, and it won’t corrode or rust.
  • Eliminates Termite Damage: Unlike wood, termites do not like PVC or invite themselves over for a feast with you paying the repair tab.
  • Weather Resistant: Vinyl fences are weather-resistant and withstand the harshest elements that mother nature provides, including acid rain.
  • Curb Appeal: PVC fencing adds major curb appeal and property value to businesses and homes throughout NC.
  • Privacy: Since vinyl fencing systems are made in solid panels, your privacy is instantly enhanced.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Installing a PVC fence enclosure is a great way to provide maximum protection for your children and pets.
  • Long Service Life: Vinyl fencing is strong, durable, and doesn’t corrode. PVC fencing offers decades of service with low maintenance.

Why is Vinyl Fencing so Popular?

As you can see, there are many benefits to PVC fence installation as opposed to other types of fencing materials like Wood, Wrought Iron, or Chain Link. Many homeowners and businesses choose PVC fencing for the above reasons; however, the benefits don’t end there. Upkeep and maintenance require nothing more than a hose and some household cleaning products. Not to mention, you never have to worry about repainting your fence or watching it weather as seasons change. Additionally, a vinyl fence install is generally the more affordable option that works within most people’s budgets.

Our Vinyl Fencing Services

Our service includes the best in customer satisfaction and quality PCV fence installations. We only use the best craftsmen and equipment to securely and safely install your fence, guaranteeing a long service life. We also utilize the latest technology for automated gates and locking entry doors, ensuring your family’s safety. Our team of experts can come to your residence and help you design the perfect vinyl fence for your home. And lastly, our services are also available for fence repair and scheduled routine maintenance.

Why Choose Appealing Fences NC?

We are called Appealing Fences NC for a reason. Our PVC fence installs are the best in the business and the most appealing ones in the neighborhood. Our PVC fences are made from non-toxic and recycled materials, making them eco-friendly and green. We have many varieties and styles to choose from, and we can custom build your fence to your specifications. Our professionals will treat you and your family with the utmost courtesy and respect during their time at your home.

If you want the most appealing and well-built vinyl fence that won’t house insects, rust, or discolor? Then you will want Appealing Fences NC to be your contractor. Hands down, we are the most affordable and best fencing company in the state. Contact us today and talk to one of our friendly sales associates about getting the PVC fence you’ve always wanted.

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