Wood Fence Services

Here at Appealing Fences in Clayton, North Carolina, we cover the gamut when it comes to our wood fence installation and repair services. We design, install, and repair wooden fences for a number of residential and commercial applications.

Why a Wood Fence?

  • Keep kids and pets safe within the perimeter of your yard
  • Add a security boundary to keep intruders and prowlers out
  • Maintain the natural beauty outside your home with a natural wooden fence made from Pine, Cedar, Cypress or Redwood.
  • Preserve your backyard privacy with a wood privacy fence

Whatever the reason that residential homeowners or commercial business owners may need a wood fence, Appealing Fences can help fulfill wooden fence needs.

Did you know, installing fencing not only increases your privacy, but it also boosts your home’s property value? Wood fence installation can add natural beauty to most any front yard or backyard. It can add modern aesthetics and curb appeal to your home with a number of benefits.

At Appealing Fences near Raleigh, NC, we can install all types of fences. We provide the Triangle Area with superb and professional fencing installation and repair.

Some of our affordable fence installation services include but are not limited to:

  • Excavation and installation for support poles
  • Split rail installation
  • Custom design or stock selections
  • Staining, painting, and sealing
  • Custom gates with child safety features
  • Fence repair and routine maintenance
  • Additional features like LED solar post caps and other decorative elements

The Benefits of Wood Fence Installation

Child Protection and Safety

Being a family-oriented business, we understand how important it is to protect our children and put their safety first. In light of this, wood fencing with child protection features eliminates the need for constant worry. Even with the best technology available, the best way to ensure your child’s safety is with tried and true wood fencing.

Our professional wood fence installs are done right. All wood fence posts are buried at a minimum of one-third of their length into the ground.

We take the time to listen to our customer’s needs. For instance, possibly your goal is to keep your three years old securely within your backyard. If so, we take the time to discuss gate latch and lock options. You may want the latch installed higher on your privacy fence door then what is standard. Thus, making your three-year old’s potential to easily wander out of your new backyard fence much less likely to occur. We want your new wood fence and gate investment to accomplish all you need and more.

And of course, we ensure that all door and gate locks suit the needs of each individual customer. And certainly, we don’t leave until all latches, locks, hinges, and handles are in excellent working order.

Fences that are constructed from wood are difficult to scale and very strong. Not to mention, they block out the view of your child from potential predators and other dangers. Once our professional fence installation company gets your fence set up, you can rest assured that we built it with our own children’s safety in mind.
Another kid-friendly fencing benefit is the endless possibilities for adding playground equipment, a sandbox, and maybe even a trampoline. Fun activities well taken care of and secure from outsiders while you are away.

Privacy From Neighbors and Trespassers

Privacy from close neighbors and trespassers is always a concern for many homeowners and businesses. On one hand, homeowners who want more privacy can see immediate benefits by installing wood fencing. On the other hand, businesses can eliminate trespassers and unwanted foot traffic at their place of business. Since wood fencing is made with tight pickets side-by-side, it also prevents people from peeking through and peering over.

Blocks Out Noise Pollution

Believe it or not, wood fencing makes a great sound barrier, and it can block out noisy neighbors. They also help to minimize noise from nearby music, neighborhood children, lawnmowers, and passing automobiles. Installing a wooden fence can make a big difference in the comfort level of your home’s yard.

Blocking Debris From Wind Storms

Wood fencing serves as a shield during high winds and storms. It protects your yard from unwanted debris. To begin with, they also ensure that your hard work isn’t interrupted or impeded on in any way. For example, say you spent a considerable amount of time raking and removing leaves from your lawn, the last thing you want is the neighbor’s leaves blowing onto your property. Additionally, they can protect your children and pets from airborne projectiles.

Private Outdoor Gatherings

Whether you want quality family time or decide to host a social gathering? Wood fencing can provide a relaxing atmosphere for cooking food, taking a dip in the pool, and entertaining your guests. They also stop nosey neighbors from peeking in while keeping your party private, so you’re not stuck inside.

Our Service Areas

We have been Raleigh, North Carolina’s premier fence contractor since 2008. Although we provide statewide coverage and for neighboring states? Our primary focus is in Clayton, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, and Cary, NC. Our experienced installers can even help you create your own custom wood fence. Contact Appealing Fences NC today for more information and any questions that you may have.

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