The Benefit of Good Neighbor Fence Installation

To begin with, having a professional fence installation on your property has many benefits besides the security that it provides. Whether you select a privacy fence, wood fence, wrought iron or vinyl fence, a chain link fence, or decide to design your own custom fence. Regardless of the style, it impacts many. You family, pets, and neighbors will likely all enjoy the installation this home improvement provides. This is especially true in Raleigh area neighborhoods where the population is within close proximity.

Next, there are various reasons to put up a fence, but what about the “Good Neighbor Law?”. In the first place, the good neighbor law is beneficial for neighbors who want a joint venture on a fencing project. This of course depends on how many neighbors live in close proximity. It may be worth your time to speak with nearby neighbors with bordering property lines. Sharing the cost of a fencing project significantly impacts the affordability of this home improvement project.

3 Simple Steps for Good Neighbor Fence Installation

Step 1: Do Your Homework

Before you discuss your fence proposal with nearby neighbors that share property lines, you should first research details of the project. Most importantly compare the cost difference. Not only between the different types of fences and the material they are made of, but also the cost difference in a single fence verses a double fence. Just because you like wood doesn’t mean your neighbors will like it. Therefore, the price can sometimes dictate the fence type everyone is happy with. It’s a good idea to do your homework first.

Step 2: Types of Good Neighbor Fences

Living in Raleigh and other surrounding community neighborhoods will most often the property owner regulations allow for specific types of privacy fence installation. The two most common types of privacy fences are either a wood privacy fence or a vinyl privacy fence. For those who prefer to have more security than privacy, a chain link or wrought iron fence are excellent choices.

Step 3: Get Multiple Estimates

As a general rule of thumb, you should obtain at least three written estimates from professional fencing companies. This keeps things fair and lets you compare apples to oranges. If you are looking at a privacy fence, get quotes for both wood and vinyl. For security fences obtain estimates for both wrought iron and chain link fencing.

Launching Your Good Neighbor Fence Installation Campaign

With your homework complete and multiple fence estimates to compare, touch base with your neighbors. Be certain to present all the affordable pricing options for the different types of fences. Your fence plans will likely impact nearby neighbors whose property lines border yours. A good neighbor fence will include a finished side on both sides for all neighbors. Many property owner associations dictate fencing regulations. A professional fence installation company that is local will likely be very familiar with the different POA rules and regulations.

The best fence installation company will have a solid reputation, be insured, as well as warranty all their work. Appealing Fences, serving the Triangle Area including Raleigh, Cary, Clayton and surrounding areas, is the best fencing installation company. We are an established local company with thousands of happy customers.

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