PVC Coated Metal Fencing Provides Many Benefits

For residents who live in Raleigh and other surrounding communities, PVC coated metal fencing is a popular choice. It offers a good solid fence with an affordable price tag. For inexpensive fencing, it provides a variety of solutions that still allow you to see through and feel secure. Gates, windscreens, and locks can also be added to your PVC coated fence for enhanced security. There are many varieties of PVC coated fencing, including glued and bonded, thermally fused, and extruded vinyl.

What is PVC Coated Metal Fencing?

PVC coated metal fencing is nothing more than a galvanized chain-link fence that is coated with polyester or vinyl. The coating keeps the metal from rusting, and it also adds to the overall durability of the fence. PVC coating comes in different colors that allow for different options, and it never needs to be painted. Many times people who have neighbors with PVC coated chain link fences will go with the same color. This makes the fence look like one system and keeps a uniform appearance with adjoining yards.

5 Benefits of PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing

1. Adds Property Value

Installing a PVC coated chain link fence will add property value to your home. Since chain-link fences are the more affordable option, it’s best to have them professionally installed. A professionally installed fence will get a higher appraisal than a DIY installation. Additionally, it can add resale value to your home, which is a key feature for potential new home buyers.

2. Increased Security

PVC coated chain link fencing increases your home’s security. Installing this type of fence will keep people from walking through your yard and lowers the risk of crime. For high-crime rate areas, barbed wired and taller fences can be installed to enhance the overall security of your yard. Furthermore, PVC coated chain link fences are popular for schools where safety and security are paramount.

3. Color and Design Options

One of the best features of PVC coated metal fencing is the options for colors and the different design features. You can choose between vinyl or powder-coated finishes, which comes in dark green, dark brown, and black. Moreover, it’s possible to customize the effects by adding windscreen, vertical PVC slats, aluminum poles, and other components.

4. Ensures Pet Safety

Every pet owner wants to know that their pets are safe when they let them out. Therefore, PVC coated chain link fences provide the ultimate protection and reassurance that pets won’t wander off. Many homeowners choose chain link fences as a cost-effective way to keep their pets safe.

5. Child Safety

PVC coated chain link fences provide excellent protection for keeping little ones in the yard. Most parents have experienced just how fast something can happen when you take your eye off them for even a split second. The truth is that kids like to explore and don’t know the hidden dangers of leaving the yard. Chain link fences will set your mind at ease and allow your children to play safely.

Professional PVC Coated Metal Fence Installation

Having your chain link professionally installed is the best way to protect your investment. It also ensures the job is done right. and it won’t lean over shortly after installation. Remember, you can mix and match the design options to create a unique security fence that works for you.

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