When it comes to quality fence repair in North Carolina, Appealing Fences NC is the company to call. Our quick repair and no-hassle services cover Johnston County and surrounding communities. We’ve been the best and most affordable fencing contractor in NC since 2008. Our team of professional fencing installers is the best at what they do, and our finished product speaks for itself. When you need fast and reliable service, Appealing Fences NC is just a phone call away.

The Good News About Fence Repair

Here at Appealing Fences NC, we understand that a broken or damaged section of a fence can be a problem. Also, the good news, you found the right source for all of your fencing repair needs. Our quick repair services are affordable, fast, and efficient with professional craftsmanship, and our fencing repair services include the following:

Free Estimates For Fencing Repairs

Included with our outstanding customer service are complimentary free estimates. When do you call Appealing Fences NC? We will come to your residence or place of business, assess the damage, and provide you with a free estimate. We provide quick, prompt repair services with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

How Much Does Fence Repair Cost?

For broken sections of fence, sagging gates, split rails, loose boards, and faulty hardware can cost about $200 or less. On the other hand, replacing sections of the fence, installing new posts or welding wrought iron can run $500 and up. The total cost really depends on the extent of the damage, the materials needed, and the labor involved. Regardless of the damage, we will provide you with a fair and honest price to repair your fence. We are trustworthy professionals who will not charge you for more than the actual cost to repair your fence.

Fence Repair

5 Benefits to Having Your Fence Repaired

1. Eliminates Any More Damage

Any type of fence that is missing sections or has broken boards and posts will not be structurally sound. This can be a problem when violent winds occur cause flying debris or fallen branches to fall on your fence. A small repair could prevent additional damage from occurring and hefty repair bills.

2. Have Your Fence Repaired in the Off-Season

If you can schedule your fence repair during the fall or winter months, you can save money. Since most fencing companies are busy during the spring and summertime, you can oftentimes receive a discounted rate. On the other hand, if there is a serious breach in your fence, you should contact Appealing Fences NC immediately.

3. Maintain the Level of Your Privacy

When a fence is missing large sections or leaning over touching the ground, the level of your privacy is compromised. Your yard will be subject to nosey neighbors and passerby’s looking in, creating a very uncomfortable environment. To restore order to your yard and get your privacy back, call Appealing Fences NC today.

4. Keeps Your Yard Secure

A broken fence is an open invitation to unwanted foot traffic and criminal activity. Residents in high crime areas are at the highest risk for theft and home invasions. Moreover, businesses and secured areas are subject to vandalism, theft, and property damage. If your fence has a breach, stop crime in its tracks and contact us immediately. And lastly, for prisons, airports, and other high-security areas with a security breach? Please call us toll-free at 919-591-8829 for immediate action.

5. Keeps Your Loved Ones Safe

Here at Appealing Fences NC, we fully understand how important it is to keep our children and pets safe. In addition, any type of breach in your fence can quickly turn into an unfortunate event. If you have a fence in need of repair and are worried about your children or pets getting out? In conclusion, contact us for immediate fence repairs.

How Fast Can We Repair Your Fence?

Prompt and affordable fence repairs from Appealing Fences NC will keep your possessions, children, pets, and home safe. We provide everything from new fence installations to fence repairs and routine maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see just how fast we can repair your fence.

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