Dumpster enclosure and ballards are an important structure to protect dumpsters and other outdoor electornic structures. As a result, a dumpster enclosure is a walled structure for recycling and trash containers with gated doors for access. In general, they are typically mandated and enforced by county, city or state ordinance code enforcement officers. Here at Appealing Fences NC, we have many different styles and options to choose from. We design our dumpster enclosures to be rugged but elegant.

Dumpster Enclosure and BallardsWe provide a wide range of construction materials for dumpster enclosure and ballards including:

  • Vinyl fence (PVC)
  • Steel fence
  • Wood fence
  • Aluminum fence
  • Chain link windscreen fence
  • Ballard Installation Service

Dumpster enclosure and ballards within city limits see extensive use. Therefore, they are constructed with durability and ease of use in mind. Equally important, the gates must also be built with quality engineering in order to withstand daily use. We design our enclosures by utilizing a ballard system, which we reinforce the concrete posts installed deep in the ground. We attach the wall panels and gates with heavy-duty hardware that we drill and pin securely into the ballards.

Appealing Fences NC also installs ballards for the following key locations:

  • Concrete pads housing power equipment
  • Storefront and backdoor entry doors
  • Fire hydrants
  • Lighting poles
  • Loading docks
  • Entrance gates
  • Perimeter Security

When Are Dumpster Enclosures Required?

There are many reasons why you may need to build a dumpster enclosure. For example, if you’re building a new complex or structure within city limits? There’s a good chance that you need one. In other words, other cases involve code violations where you may be required to upgrade your current enclosure. Regardless of the reason, we have experience working with local code enforcement officers to get you upgraded and compliant.

Site Evaluation Dumpster Enclosure Services

If you’re building a new structure or have been mandated for an enclosure upgrade? Contact Appealing Fences NC today for a free site evaluation. We will send an expert who can access your current situation and talk to you about your options. Lastly, our team of professional assessors is experienced with code enforcement violations and building compliance codes.

We can quickly access your situation and provide you with options for designs, colors, and special features. Additionally, we can even take care of the necessary building permits required for dumpster enclosure and upgrade construction.

Detailed Blueprint Services

Here at Appealing Fences NC, we have the best engineers and project managers in the state. Moreover, we develop blueprints by using modern CAD software that details all enclosure components to scale.

It will include and label all gates and enclosures to scale and indicate size as well as the following:

  • Indicate height of walls and show the accessible path of travel
  • Distance from enclosure to truck access point (TAP) and show curb cuts
  • Show any enclosure drains for permeable pavement, vegetated swales or bio-retention basins
  • Show drains that connect to the sewer systems
  • List all businesses sharing an enclosure
  • List the recommended number of units assigned to enclosures for multi-family complexes
  • Ballard placement and distances for on-site and off-site dumpster enclosures
  • Appealing Fences NC Service Area

Finally, we provide statewide coverage for new dumpster enclosures and upgrades. Home to Appealing Fences NC is in Clayton, North Carolina. In short, We provide quality dumpster enclosure and ballard services throughout NC and for nearby states.

If you need a professional fencing contractor who understands compliance codes and site placement for waste and recycling enclosures? Therefore, contact us today and see why we are the best fencing contractor in the state.

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