Welcome to Appealing Fences NC and custom gate services. We provide complete solutions and services for entry gate installation, automatic gates, phone entry systems, wireless-controls, and pedestrian doors. Whether you’re looking for a driveway gate, security gate or ballard installation, Appealing Fences NC has what you need. In other words, we have a solution to all your gate needs. When it comes to designing a high-tech custom gate with all of the latest security features? You want a professional installer experienced with top-of-the-line gate security systems for the best operations.

Custom GateWe’ve been North Carolina’s trusted provider for residential homes and commercial businesses since 2008. We are a leader in the custom and automatic security gate industry. Our services include an extensive line of high-tech security gate systems that meet or exceed any company’s needs.

Types of Custom Gate Design Services

Appealing Fences NC modifies and fabricates a complete range of gate designs that can be customized to your specific application. We provide cantilevered gates capable of opening to 120 feet. We also have vertical lift gates and swing gates for situations where a slide gate isn’t applicable. Lastly, if you need an extended length, that’s not a problem. Above all, our fabricators can design a box-frame roller gate with openings up to 500 feet.

Our clientele includes residential homeowners and commercial operations such as:

  • Airports
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Gated communities
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Correctional institutions
  • Public utilities
  • Military bases

The Benefit of Our Custom Gate Services

Our automatic custom gates can be synchronized with an operator for seamless, smooth closing and opening with minimal maintenance. As a result, the biggest benefit of working with Appealing Fences NC is that we are an experienced security gate service provider. We know our products inside and out and can match the right operator/access control system with the right gate. So, if you have a design that requires regulatory or safety needs, we can design a custom gate to meet those demands.

Aluminum Security Gate Services

Appealing Fences NC utilizes a variety of metal to design and fabricate our custom security gates. Gates fabricated with aluminum is an excellent choice of material for a custom security gate. Aluminum is durable and lightweight and suitable for multiple gate applications. We provide aluminum security gates that offer superior resistance to corrosion, therefore makes them ideal for outdoor use. Most Importantly, their lightweight design means less overall maintenance requirements and stress on operator components.

Steel Security Gate Services

Also, Appealing Fences NC offers steel security gate designs for applications where maintenance and weight are not a concern. The best steel gates are made from galvanized steel because it offers some corrosion protection and it’s durable. Steel gates do require more routine maintenance, especially when exposed to snow, rain, and other weather elements. On the other side, if properly maintained, galvanized steel security gates can last decades.

Why Install Custom Security Gates?

Whether you have a residential, commercial, industrial or government piece of property? Each property presents unique challenges and often have complex perimeter safety requirements. As an illustration, although there are certain physical requirements of a gate, daily traffic still needs to flow smoothly. Installing a security gate from Appealing Fences NC ensures your traffic flows steadily and at acceptable rates.

Our expert security installers can configure and streamline the gate security you need while reducing bottlenecks, idling time, and fuel costs. Specialized facilities like military compounds, data centers, and correctional institutions may find that commercially available gates are inadequate. Therefore, a custom security gate from Appealing Fences NC is the best solution to ensure your regulatory requirements are met.

How to Order Your Custom Gate

Your first and last step for ordering your specialized gate is contacting Appealing Fences NC today. Let our team of expert security gate designers create a security gate that is both functional and affordable. All that to say, we’re more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your gate requirements and specifications.

Finally, we can design a custom package that meets all of your needs. Whether you need a custom gate or a new fence installation, we can do the job for you! In short, contact Appealing Fences NC for the best security gates and services in the state.

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