Many consider chain link fencing to be an economical type of fence. This type of metal fence is more affordable than other types of fencing materials. And, in addition to the affordability of chain link fences when compared to other types of fencing, they have other distinct advantages as well.

There are several benefits with chain link fencing and a wide range of uses for both residential and commercial installations. We carry a full line of galvanized steel and PVC coated chain link fencing products for multiple applications and uses. At Appealing Fences NC, we can take your designs to the next level with professional installation and added security features.

Our Chain Link Fencing Materials

There are many names associated with chain link fencing. It is also known as wire mesh fence, a chain wire fence, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, and wire netting. Wire Mesh fencing utilizes an open-weave pattern much like a diamond shape. The products we sell, service, and install are typically manufactured from galvanized steel or coated System 21tm materials.
The most common type of chain link fence for residential applications has a nine-gauge wire and two-inch open diamond pattern.

Chain link fencing is often used for the following:

  • Industrial properties and buildings
  • High wind areas and dangerous landscape
  • Large farms with livestock
  • Securing HVAC Units and utility areas
  • Residential homes and properties
  • Schools, playgrounds, and hospitals
  • Prisons and mental institutions
  • Substations and power utilities
  • Airports and military bases

Benefits of Chain Link Fence Installations

This popular fence choice has many benefits including:

Chain Link FenceEasy Installation: Chain link fences are faster and easier to install than other types of fences. Our professional installers can install your chain link fencing efficiently and fast with quality craftsmanship.

Cost-Effective: The cost of materials and labor for chain link fencing will be significantly less than other types of fencing materials. Chain link fencing can save both homeowners and businesses a substantial amount of money. The savings can be used for other security features, automated gates, and locked doors or more fencing.

Durability and Longevity: The design of chain link fencing coupled with the use of System 21tm or galvanized steel is made to last. Chain link fences are very durable and they can easily last for several decades with minimum maintenance and repairs.

Pest Resistant: The steel design of chain link fencing makes it impossible for pests and other wildlife to chew through. It also keeps unwanted predatory animals and trespassers out of your yard.

High-Security Chain Link Fence Services

We work with government bodies and federal and state municipalities that require high-security chain link fencing. Appealing Fences NC is licensed and insured to work in high-security areas such as airports, prisons, and government facilities.

We offer a wide range of barbed wire, razor wire, and chain link windscreen for maximum security fencing.

We can also fabricate custom gates and security doors for recreational pens and other key areas. Additionally, our experts are experienced with electronic locks and mechanical locking mechanisms required for high-security areas.

Residential Chain Link Fencing Safety Services

Here at Appealing Fences NC, we understand the need for privacy and added security. We can install a chain link windscreen for added privacy and to keep debris from blowing into your yard.
We also offer PVC coated chain link fence that makes it harder for the little ones to scale. It also provides another option for color and aesthetics for your home. Our fencing installers are experts at designing locking doors and gates that keep your family safe and unwanted dangers out.

Additionally, for neighborhoods with high crime rates, we have solutions that deter people from climbing over and into your yard.

Why Hire Appealing Fences NC?

Simply put, we are the best chain link fence installer in the state. We offer affordable prices and quality craftsmanship coupled with a warranty on all of our installation services. We also install other great fencing options, including, wrought iron, wood, vinyl and more. Lastly, Contact Appealing Fences NC today and see just how affordable chain link fencing can really be.

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