Secure Your Property, Add Chain Link Fencing 

Secure Your Property, Add Chain Link Fencing 

There are several good reasons to add chain link fencing to properties in the Research Triangle area of
North Carolina. Although chain link lacks decorative elements generally found in wood,
metal, and PVC fence designs, it adds enhanced security. Known for its high level of security
features, it’s exclusively used for correctional institutions, airports, and military bases.

Fencing is a cost-effective solution for security concerns that can be modified with
barbwire and other special features. In addition, chain link fencing comes in different colors and
materials like galvanized steel and LLDPE-coated steel wire. You can also add windscreen and
PVC slats for enhanced privacy, aesthetics, and debris control. The combination of security
features, materials, doors, and security gates, makes fencing a logical choice for many.
Here are five benefits that home and business owners in North Carolina get by adding chain link

1. Add Chain Link Fencing to Secure Your Property

Chain link fencing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to keep unwanted foot traffic and
looters off your property. For those reasons, many homes and businesses in Raleigh and Clayton
have chain link to protect their property. Chain link fencing is typically 3-12 feet tall and can be modified for
more height with additional security features like coils of razor wire. When considering the
thickness of the material, the thinner gauges of steel will be cheaper, but thicker ones last longer.

2. Add Chain Link For Faster Installations

Unlike other types of fencing materials, it offers faster installations. A
professional fencing contractor can easily install residential front and backyards in just a day or
two. For more specialized applications like an airport or correctional facility, the completion
time depends on the size of the project and design requirements. Completion times for large-
scale chain link fencing projects are typically outlined in the contract.

3. Save Money During Installation

What makes metal mesh fencing so appealing to so many NC people is, when compared to other
types of fencing materials, it’s a lot cheaper. Chain link is popular in North Carolina
because it provides maximum security with an affordable price tag.

4. Add Fencing For Affordable Fence Repair

Damaged sections of fencing, makes fence repair a breeze. Professional fencing
companies can easily weave in new sections, replace support poles and fix your fence without
compromising the structural integrity of the fencing system. Unlike other fencing materials such
as wood, PVC and metal, chain link fencing saves money on unexpected fence repairs.

5. Add Chain Link For Longevity

Chain link, if properly maintained can last 15-20 years or more. While PVC-coated chain
link fencing lasts even longer. If you need a fence that stands the test of time and provides
maximum security for your property, chain link fencing is a great choice.
Additional Reasons to Add Chain Link Fencing
Besides the security benefits of this fencing, there are a number of reasons to add it to your property. If you have children and pets, this type of fencing keeps them safe and protects them
from strangers walking by. It also keeps debris and other elements kicked up from wind storms
out of your yard. Additionally, it also keeps people from using your yard as a

Choose Appealing Fences For Your Next Fence Project

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding a chain-link fence, or any type of fence to your property. Other fences such as privacy fences, custom gates, and wrought iron.

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